RadiForce MX216
03/2019 | Medikai

The 2 megapixel colour monitor with DICOM® preset for radiology: Perfect for viewing radiological images and use in dental diagnostics.

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Partnership between EIZO Italia and SHD Italia
03/2019 | Medikai

Early 2019 marks the agreement between SHD Italia and EIZO to provide complete solutions for the planning and implementation of operating theatres.

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RadiCS 5 and RadiNET Pro 5
02/2019 | Medikai

EIZO launches the fifth version of its quality control software. Its quality control processes include the maintenance and management of diagnostic and clinical review monitors.

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FlexScan EV2457
02/2019 | Otthoni és Irodai

The EV2457, with its virtually frameless design, is the ideal solution for multi-display viewing. Other monitors can be conveniently interlinked via the DisplayPort output.

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EIZO at ECR 2019
02/2019 | Medikai

New EIZO radiological monitor solutions presented at the European Congress of Radiology in Vienna, Austria

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RadiForce MX194
01/2019 | Medikai

The MX194 is especially well suited for use by referring medical specialists. Thanks to its DICOM® tone value characteristic curve, it displays grey tones of object-oriented radiological images.

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EIZO meets the TCO Certified, generation 8 requirements
01/2019 | Otthoni és Irodai

11 of its monitors from the FlexScan EV series are among the first products in the entire sector that meet the new criteria of the eighth generation of TCO Certified.

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RadiForce RX360
11/2018 | Medikai

The new 3-megapixel colour monitor for radiology with a high-contrast LTPS LCD and functionalities that ensure convenience and efficiency.

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EIZO Europe and Accellence Technologies
11/2018 | Ipari alkalmazások

A partnership between EIZO Europe and Hanover-based Accellence Technologies is creating ultra-secure and highly flexible video security solutions.

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FlexScan EV3285
10/2018 | Otthoni és Irodai

The EV3285 is ideally suited for professional applications thanks to 4K Full HD resolution, its 31.5-inch screen and its USB-C port.

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EIZO RadiForce GX560-MD
10/2018 | Medikai

5 megapixeles fekete-fehér monitor hely- és időtakarékos funkciókkal

Colourclass Lofoten
10/2018 | Fotózás, tervezés és médiaszerkesztés

EIZO launches unique film project

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A Quick Color Match a Hahnemühle, Tecco és SIHL márkájú papírtípusokat támogatja
09/2018 | Fotózás, tervezés és médiaszerkesztés

A legújabb frissítésnek köszönhetően a Quick Color Match szoftver ezentúl a Hahnemühle, SIHL és Tecco gyártók legnépszerűbb fotópapír típusait is támogatja.

ColorEdge CG279X
09/2018 | Fotózás, tervezés és médiaszerkesztés

ColorEdge CG279X: 27” high-end monitor for video post-production, pre-printing and image processing.

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EIZO and Genetec
09/2018 | Ipari alkalmazások

EIZO and Genetec collaborate to equip Security Center VMS with a plugin for IP monitor management and control capability.

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FlexScan EV2430
07/2018 | Otthoni és Irodai

The new ergonomic and energy-saving 24-inch monitor for office use.

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ColorEdge CG319X
07/2018 | Fotózás, tervezés és médiaszerkesztés

The second-generation high-end 4K graphics monitor from EIZO

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50 éves az EIZO
04/2018 | Általános vállalati üzenet

Az EIZO Corporation idén ünnepli fennállásának ötvenedik évfordulóját.

Quick Color Match, the color management software, supports ILFORD photo paper
02/2018 | Fotózás, tervezés és médiaszerkesztés

The most recent update for Quick Color Match now also provides support for the popular photo paper formats from ILFORD.

EIZO at ECR 2018
02/2018 | Medikai

New EIZO radiological monitor solutions presented at the European Congress of Radiology in Vienna, Austria.

New EIZO graphics board series for medical applications
02/2018 | Medikai

EIZO has released a new graphics board product portfolio consisting of three new models.

EIZO announces new stands that meet maritime standards
01/2018 | Ipari alkalmazások

EIZO announced the MDS-T191 and MDS-T261 – two stands compatible with its current lineup of 19- and 25.5-inch marine monitors.

FlexScan EV2785: EIZO releases 27" 4K monitor with a frameless design
11/2017 | Otthoni és Irodai

EIZO announced the release of the FlexScan EV2785, its first 27-inch 4K monitor and one featuring a frameless design and USB Type-C connectivity.

EIZO announces the release of the RadiForce MS236WT
11/2017 | Medikai

EIZO Releases 23-inch Multitouch Color LCD Monitor with Smooth and Detailed Handwriting Input.

EIZO this year again at the world´s largest trade fair for the medical sector -MEDICA 2017
10/2017 | Medikai

EIZO will present products and solutions out of its diversified range of products for the fields integrated OR, endoscopy as well as interventional radiology.

EIZO ColorEdge CG2730 receives the EISA Award 2017–2018
09/2017 | Fotózás, tervezés és médiaszerkesztés

Experts from 50 trade journals all over Europe deemed that the ColorEdge CG2730 monitor is the best photo display of 2017–2018.

EIZO announces the release of the RadiForce RX560
08/2017 | Medikai

EIZO releases 5 megapixel colour medical monitor with LTPS LCD, a unique dual stand and new features for improved usability.

08/2017 | Fotózás, tervezés és médiaszerkesztés

EIZO presents the HDR reference Monitor and announces HDR gamma support for further monitors.

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RadiForce MX315W
05/2017 | Medikai

4K monitor with 31.1” diagonal and slimline, lightweight design for displaying radiological images.

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ColorEdge Ambassador Program now includes 31 members from 17 countries
04/2017 | Fotózás, tervezés és médiaszerkesztés

EIZO is pleased to welcome six new members to its international ColorEdge Ambassador program.

EIZO releases 6 megapixel medical monitor with new functionality for improving efficiency in reading rooms
04/2017 | Medikai

The RadiForce RX660, a 30-inch 6 megapixel monitor is ideal for multi-modality applications.

EIZO Monitor Test Relaunch
03/2017 | Általános vállalati üzenet

EIZO Europe Revamps Successful Test Tool

EIZO at ECR 2017
02/2017 | Medikai

EIZO will introduce new radiological monitor solutions at the European Congress of Radiology in Vienna.

FlexScan EV2456 and FlexScan EV2451
01/2017 | Otthoni és Irodai

EIZO releases ultra-slim, 24inch class, fully flat monitors for business environments.



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