Liability exclusion

1. Content of the website
EIZO Europe compiled all the information and components of this website to the best of their knowledge and belief. The data are based on the given standing. Nevertheless EIZO Europe is not liable for the up-to-dateness, correctness, completeness, quality and technical accuracy of the information given. Neither is it liable for any possible damage caused by viruses resulting from downloading or accessing any data on this website. In spite of careful monitoring of content, EIZO Europe is not liable for the content of external links. The operating companies of these linked websites are liable for their content. All quotations are subject to confirmation and are not binding. EIZO Europe reserves the right to change, supplement and delete part of or the entire website without any prior warning. Publication of the website may also be temporarily or permanently discontinued.

2. Copyright and other protection laws
Texts, images and diagrams, including their arrangement on the EIZO medical website, are subject to copyright and other protection laws and may only be used in part or full for personal and not commercial purposes. However, this does not apply to use of press information from press info, if and in as far as these first prints refer to EIZO Europe. If contents or parts of the EIZO medical website are saved, duplicated or distributed they must contain a reference to the EIZO Europe copyright. In addition, images as well as newspaper and magazine articles appearing on the EIZO medical website may be partially subject to copyright of a third party.

3. Trademark
"EIZO", is an internationally protected trademark. Other company symbols, logos and product names appearing on the EIZO medical website may also be copyrighted.

4. Data protection
All personal or professional data (e-mail addresses, names, postal or physical addresses) entered by the website user is entirely on a voluntary basis. Data required for processing your enquiry and/or carrying out your request will be saved.

5. Legal effect of the liability exclusion.
This liability exclusion is to be regarded as part of the website, which refers to this document. If parts or individual formulations in this text do not comply with the current legal position or no longer fully comply, this does not affect the remaining document with regard to content and validity.