EIZO proudly presents the RadiForce MX315W in the RadiForce MX-Series of monitors for radiological images. This monitor features 4K resolution, a 31.1” screen diagonal, and slimline, lightweight design. This device is the first 4K monitor in the RadiForce MX-Series.

The 4096 x 2160 pixel resolution on the large display allows a great deal of information to be displayed simultaneously. As a result, the monitor can be used with all kinds of different systems. Multiple applications and windows can be simultaneously displayed for systems for managing electronic patient data as well as PACS (picture archiving and communication systems). The MX315W features a larger display surface and high resolution, opening up numerous possibilities for arranging image contents. Various different exam images, such as the ones taken during CT and MRI scans, can be displayed alongside one another as tiles. This makes it easy to compare previous and current images on one screen alongside one another, thereby greatly increasing efficiency.

The MX315W also provides the greatest typical luminance in the RadiForce MX-Series: 450 cd/m². The monitor’s grayscales are calibrated during production to DICOM GSDF at a luminance (Lmax) of 270 cd/m². An integrated brightness sensor keeps the monitor’s brightness constant. The monitor also supports calibration according to DICOM Part 14.

The monitor’s new slimline design keeps workstations manageable and frees up space. It is only 225 mm thick and weighs a mere 11.7 kg – it takes up less space and is easy to install. The power supply is integrated into the monitor so that the workplace is free of bulky power supply housings.

The RadiForce MX315W will be available from June 2017.