RadiForce RX360 features a 3-megapixel resolution and its high luminance makes it perfect for precisely displaying images in a way that is suited to the specific task. The monitor is equipped with an LTPS (low-temperature polysilicon) panel with LED backlighting which guarantees a maximum brightness of 1100 cd/m2. The device provides high image quality, advantageous for displaying greyscale images (particularly ones of the thorax and microstructures) as well as colour images made from 3D reconstructions and a combination of various imaging methods. The RX360 can automatically select the right luminance characteristic curve for the image if desired: This allows monochrome X-ray images to be displayed with DICOM greyscale characteristics, for instance, while the luminance of other images follows a gamma functionality. EIZO calls this technology ‘Hybrid Gamma PXL’. It enables both colour and monochrome images to be displayed side by side on the same monitor with the right luminance characteristic curve. As a result, the reproduced image is as clear as possible.

Narrow black frontal bezels make this device perfect for use in dark environments. They make it easy to visually concentrate on the display. Meanwhile, a white bezel at the side of the monitor creates a fresh, clean look. The device’s design and technology offer ergonomic comfort as well as one-of-a-kind image precision for use in modern radiology.

EIZO’s Work-and-Flow functionalities (Point-and-Focus and Switch-and-Go) make using hardware in the reading room even more efficient. Point-and-Focus allows the user to select individual image areas using the mouse and keyboard. The brightness and greyscales of the surrounding area are darkened to focus the diagnosis on the region of interest. Switch-and-Go enables two workstations to be controlled using only one mouse and keyboard by simply moving the mouse over the monitor. Two workstations can also be connected to the same monitors and the signal can be switched as required. This makes a second mouse and keyboard superfluous while decreasing the number of monitors needed. The result is that tasks can be accomplished faster and space is saved in the reading room.

The RadiForce RX360 will be available from end of December 2018.